Friday, January 6, 2012

Remote Console

Remote consoles allow a sys admin to control a server in the machine room from a remote location e.g. from their desk rather than from within the chilly machine room. Setting up a remote console requires an IP address on the private network.

Configuring Your System to Use an iDRAC6 (Dell)
Run the iDRAC6 Configuration Utility:

  1.  Turn on or restart your system. 
  2.  Press when prompted during POST. 

Configure the LOM

  1.  Use the arrow keys to select LAN Parameters and press
    •  NIC Selection is displayed. 
  2.  Use the arrow keys to select NIC mode: Dedicated 
  3.  Configure the network controller LAN parameters to use a Static IP address source. 
    •  Using the down-arrow key, select LAN Parameters, and press
    •  Using the up-arrow and down-arrow keys, select IP Address Source. 
    •  Using the right-arrow and left-arrow keys, select Static. 
    •  Configure the Ethernet IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway settings. 
    •  Press to return to the main menu 
  4.  Press
  5.  Select Save Changes and Exit. 

NIC Mode of Dedicated is chosen as this option to enable the remote access device to utilize the dedicated network interface available on the iDRAC Enterprise. This interface is not shared with the host operating system and routes the management traffic to a separate physical network, enabling it to be separated from the application traffic. This option is available only if an iDRAC6 Enterprise is installed in the system.

Reset iDRAC6 Password
It is possible to Reset the password of the remote console administrator via the iDRAC6 Configuration Utility.


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